Register for Rustic Signs Friday, Nov. 17, Galion Moose

Choose from the 8 designs below and have a great evening while you learn to paint a rustic sign. We use stencils, making it easy for everyone, and no experience is needed! Only $35 gets you everything you need, including your first drink! Make a sign for your home or to give as a gift! Pre registration is required. Use the form below or call us at 419-562-9825.

WISE MENSandy Laipply Wise Men
DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?Sandy Laipply Do You See
TINSEL IN A TANGLESandy Laipply Tinsel

SNOWFLAKESSandy Laipply Snowflakes
SHOOT YOUR EYE OUTSandy Laipply Shoot your Eye Out
MELTINGSandy Laipply Melting

LET IT SNOWSandy Laipply Let it snow
WINTER WONDERLANDSandy Laipply Winter Wonderland
Use this form to register up to 4 people for the Rustic Sign Painting Event with Sandy Laipply at the Galion Moose on Friday, Nov. 17, 2017. You do not have to be a Moose member to attend. Children 8 and up are welcome.(Submit as many forms as necessary to register your group!) You'll see examples of your choices of sign styles above.
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