Samples of Acrylic Abstract Classes

Have you heard about acrylic pouring yet? It’s all the rage.  We bring all the supplies and teach you how to do it. You choose the colors and together we watch the magic happen. Only $35 per person gets you a fun evening, your first drink, and a finished art piece of which you’ll be proud to say ” I made this!”. Finished paintings are 11″ x 14″ and include a hanger. Here are some samples of what you might do. Acrylic Abstracts are Private Party events. Email Sandy at or call 419-562-9825 with questions or to book your class!

Sandy Laipply Acrylic Abstracts 6
Sandy Laipply Acrylic Abstract 3
Sandy Laipply Acrylic Abstract 1
Sandy Laipply Acrylic Abstracts Blue
Sandy Laipply Acrylic Abstract 2
Sandy Laipply Acrylic Abstract Pink
Use this form to register up to 4 people for the Acrylic Abstracts Painting Event with Sandy Laipply at the Bucyrus Moose on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. You do not have to be a Moose member to attend. Children 8 and up are welcome.(Submit as many forms as necessary to register your group!) You'll see examples of what you might paint above
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